TDT AG, its products and solutions and the TDT team have always stood for tradition and innovation. Our firmware system6 now gets a new name: APOS. The first two letters of APOS remind us of the man with whom TDT's history began in 1978; they are the initials of our company founder: Antherm Pickhardt (1927 - 1999).



So the time has come: The starting signal for our new router firmware has been given. But no reason to worry: The user interface and basic functions will remain the same. You need not fear any compatibility problems, new installations or data loss. A short update to version 2.0.0 is sufficient - and the new firmware APOS is already available. The update is free of charge and can be installed either under the link below or directly via the Online Firmware Update of your router.

Why an update?

Updates are everyday life in the modern technology landscape. If you are a new customer of TDT AG, this announcement could be a premiere; long-time users of our systems know this practice and appreciate it. Because security does not only start on your PC, laptop or cell phone - the router is considered the gateway for viruses & Co. and represents the ideal point of attack for your systems. TDT AG regularly puts a digital stop to this danger: Adapted to new virus findings, programming languages and encryption techniques, our firmware updates bring your gateway to the digital world up to date. Whether you surf the Internet via LAN or WLAN or whether you access private or public networks: With the latest firmware, you can protect yourself from all kinds of dangers of the web. And: You increase the performance of your router. Because with a new firmware, the speed of the end device also increases. In addition, there are new functions that differ according to device version and software platform, but basically create more capacity and open up new possibilities.

What do I have to do?

To use your router safely and comfortably as usual, just click on the link below or follow the online firmware update on your router, which will guide you step by step through the processes. Alternatively, we are of course available to you on the emergency help hotline +49 8703 929-112. After you have downloaded the update to version 2.0.0, a system restart is required. In the following boot-up, the download package will configure itself. After a good 2.5 minutes, your system will be adjusted to the new version.

What changes?

The firmware update to version contains all kinds of optimizations. In the following lines we have listed some changes for you. Should you have any questions about the effects? Our Expert Support Team is available to you electronically and by telephone for customer information.


New functions:
- interfaces:
        - WireGuard becomes stable. Update to version 1.0.20200401
- IPsec (strongSwan):
        - Flush of the Connection Tracking Table introduced as configuration option
        - WPA3 support integrated
- Bandwidth Monitor

- WireGuard: Error handling improved
- Web interface: Performance optimization through Client Side Java Script
- WWAN profiles and SIM diagnostics have been combined under Network > Mobile Communications

The complete release notes can be found here.


The latest firmware can be downloaded here.