VoIP telephone system for mobile use

  • 3 Ethernet ports 10/100/1000
  • 4GB RAM
  • 16GB system memory
  • Own holding music
  • Own announcements
  • Emergency Number Management
  • Answering machine (Voicemail)
  • Virtual Fax
  • T.38 - Support
  • Interactive voice menu (IVR)
  • Time control of the PBX
  • Autoconfiguration of IP-enabled phones
  • LDAP

Functions and features

With the VA1000 ELW you have the ideal companion for your operations. Whether you connect to the Internet via LTE, satellite or WLAN, with the VA1000 you have your telecommunications where you need it - at your side.

You are free to decide how and with what you want to make calls. Our compact VA1000-ELW telephone system supports all known types of end devices. These include:

  • IP telephones
  • DECT telephones (DECT over IP)
  • Conference phones
  • Softphones
  • Smartphones via SIP client
  • Analogue terminals (fax; analogue telephones) via ATA box

With the VA1000 ELW you can connect almost all VoIP telephones and terminals. You are therefore not bound to one manufacturer and can equip your telephony system according to your preferences. We support the following manufacturers, among others:

  • Snom
  • Yealink
  • Fanvil
  • Grandstream
  • Gigaset
  • Tiptel
  • Auerswald

Many telephones can be easily and quickly registered with the telephone system through auto-provisioning. Of course you can also connect software-supported end devices (softphones) or smartphones to the system.
The scope of delivery includes all necessary accessories to install the system in the vehicle.

All features in detail

When you set a call group, several extensions ring simultaneously when a call is placed to a specific number. The terminals continue to ring until one of the employees within this call group answers the call. This feature is also called "parallel ringing".

Virtual faxes have a clear advantage over analogue paper faxes. Incoming fax documents are sent to a defined e-mail address (e.g., so that all faxes can be viewed and processed centrally and easily.

With a modern telephone system, time-controlled forwarding can be configured easily and conveniently. By such a time control it is possible to set answering machines or other modules such as IVR (voice dialogue system), call forwarding or queues at a precisely defined time. A common scenario is the automatic forwarding to an answering machine before and after the actual working hours.

Today, individually adjustable hold music and announcement texts are among the standard functions of a professional VoIP telephone system. Music on hold, also known as music on hold, is useful if a caller is not put through directly to a call partner and has to stay in the line within a queue. As long as the call is put on hold, the caller hears a sound file that can be set individually.

Phone ques are usually needed when customers dial a number and the availability of employees or agents is not guaranteed. The caller then remains in the queue until an agent is available. Queues are mostly used in call centers, medical practices, larger sales departments or in the technical service sector, which have a medium to high call volume.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus allow the caller to make selections and thus distribute the call to different dial plan numbers (e.g. extensions). A sound file (as announcement) is played to the caller, explaining the possible options of the IVR. By pressing the corresponding key (e.g. 1), the call is forwarded to the set dial plan number (e.g. to a call group, extension or queue).

The VA1000 telephone system includes both a local and an LDAP telephone book. With the local telephone book, personally important telephone numbers are stored directly on the telephone system. Central phone books, on the other hand, can be created with the LDAP phone book. With LDAP, a so-called reverse search can also be set up. This allows incoming calls to be displayed directly on a VoIP telephone or softphone, for example.

Conference calls play an important role in today's digitalized world. Most modern VoIP telephones and softphones can be used for classic three-way conferences. If more than three participants are to take part in a conference or if the conference is to have a PIN-protected area, such a conference can also be set up directly via the VoIP telephone system.

Even in the digital age, an answering machine is part of a professional telephone system. The VA1000 telephone system contains sufficient voicemail boxes so that each extension or extension number also has its own voicemail box.

3 years bring-in manufacturer warranty

VA1000 ELW, DC/DC converter, 12V connection cable, patch cable, Quickstart guide, wall bracket


Model overview BOS products

Product (BOS-Router)          ModelDSLLTEWLANWANSeriellEthernetVPN-Tunnel
G3000-LW ELWsee Ethernet3xup to 400
Product (VoIP telephone system)ModelExtensions incl.Extensions max.Formfaktor  Ethernet 
VA1000-ELW    10up to 50Desktop/mobile  3x