Security is not a feature, but the core of our TDT devices

The VPN routers of TDT AG guarantee a secure and confidential connection between different networks. By supporting a wide range of VPN protocols, you always have the best possible choice to connect your networks flexibly and cost-optimised: locally or via the public internet. The comprehensive BSI certification of TDT AG shows the importance of our customers' security in our corporate philosophy. In addition, our Expert Support Team is always ready to help you if you need it.

Model overview Router

VR2020-D1xoptional4xup to 30
VR2020-LD1xoptional4xup to 30
G3000see Ethernet3xup to 400
G3000-Wsee Ethernet3xup to 400
G3000-Lsee Ethernet3xup to 400
G3000-LWsee Ethernet3xup to 400
G3000-LL2xsee Ethernet3xup to 400
G3000-LLW2xsee Ethernet3xup to 400