TDT network monitoring with Checkmk

Professionelles Monitoring – zertifizierte Experten

"Made in Germany": The TDT company has stood for security and innovation in telecommunications since 1978. With the professional monitoring of TDT and Checkmk you have the security that your network is in good hands at all times - with a company that was certified according to BSI in 2017.

TDT's Checkmk monitoring system is a comprehensive solution for professional monitoring of networks, hardware and data centres as well as applications and operating systems. TDT-Checkmk is based on Open Source and the optimised Checkmk "Micro-Core", which is a further development of the proven Nagios core.

The IT monitoring system is particularly suitable for branch and sales outlet networks. To save resources, the monitored devices are only contacted once in each check interval and all data is transmitted in the form of a "passive check". Supported by Checkmk's own "Micro-Core", excellent performance is guaranteed, even with a large number of hosts and services to be monitored.


This allows shorter inspection intervals to be realised, which means that alarms can be triggered more quickly if necessary and measurement data, e.g. network utilisation, can be recorded much more accurately. Several independent monitoring servers can be combined into a virtual overall system - for monitoring distributed over different locations or for load distribution. In this case, the configuration can be centrally pflegen and is automatically distributed.

You keep the "overview" - even with large networks and complex applications - through the structured Web-Oberfläche. Here the network manager and the helpdesk receive all relevant data quickly and clearly displayed. Thanks to the individually adaptable, multi-level alarm system, you are always up to date and are actively informed of any anomalies by e-mail or, in the case of critical components, also by SMS or pushover.

TDT devices can be seamlessly and quickly integrated into an existing monitoring system at any time. The Checkmk-Agent is permanently integrated into our firmware and is therefore available as standard on all devices.

Thus all important parameters of your TDT router can be monitored. Checks specially adapted to our TDT routers read out radio and DSL parameters, among other things, and display them clearly in the monitoring.

All features in detail

  • Checkmk: the comprehensive IT monitoring solution
  • The Checkmk-"Micro-Core" guarantees excellent performance
    • Even with a large number of monitored hosts and services
    • Short inspection intervals can be realised
    • Faster alerting
    • More accurate measurement data acquisition (e.g. network utilisation)
  • Based on open source software
  • Expandable and adaptable system architecture
  • Distributed, cross-location monitoring possible in a virtual overall system with central administration
  • REST interface for easy interaction/integration of other systems
  • Equipment manufacturer-independent technology through
    • Use of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
    • Existing or self-created Checkmk agents
  • Our TDT devices have the Checkmk agent already integrated, so that a seamless and fast integration into an existing monitoring system is possible at any time.
  • Communication with the terminal devices can be secured via SSH.
  • Access to the Web-Oberfläche via SSL/TLS encrypted connections
  • Authentication at Weboberfläche through user accounts
  • Synchronising user data using LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
  • Rights management for Weboberfläche through different user roles
  • Web-Oberfläche for common browsers and mobile devices
  • Central status view with the most recent events and a schematic representation of the network
  • Overview of status and availability as well as errors and warnings that have occurred for all monitored terminals
  • Subdivision of the monitored devices into OUs (organisational units) in order to be able to map corporate structures
  • Flexible search function to quickly and easily find the information you need
  • Dynamically adaptable for every user Weboberfläche
  • Visualisation using network topology view and geo-location map
  • All important parameters of your TDT router are monitored and clearly displayed.
  • Checks specially adapted to our TDT routers read out radio and DSL parameters and display them clearly in the monitoring.
  • The retrieval of the necessary information from the end device is carried out via so-called passive checks and with only one connection, secured by SSH on request.
  • Monitoring via agent, SNMP or in combination
  • Multi-level, individually adjustable alarm system
  • Alarm when freely definable limit values are exceeded, in order to be able to recognise and eliminate emerging bottlenecks at an early stage
  • Extensive statistics and reporting functions
  • Plug-ins for the Checkmk agent can be used to extend the scope of the retrieved data in a customer-specific way.