SmartConnect Service

Always the right connection

The SmartConnect service from TDT is an elegant solution for all use cases where a fixed IP address is required. With TDT SmartConnect, the way the router connects online does not matter. As soon as Internet connection is established, the router automatically establishes a connection to the server. This server represents a relay for the communication and the location is thereby accessible via the public IP address of the SmartConnect server. This allows servers connected via LTE, for example, to make their services available to employees or customers.

SmartConnect Public

  • Independent of connection path (mobile, DSL, cable, fiber)
  • One fixed, public IP address
  • Direct access via the Internet
  • Secure and traffic-saving; only necessary applications get access
  • Dedicated server instance for each SmartConnect
  • Free support during setup

In most mobile networks, providers use carrier-grade NAT, in which only private IP addresses are available for the end devices, routed to the Internet via NAT gateways. However, since many use cases require direct reachability, one is faced with a problem at this point: Either to be able to administer the mobile router to establish a VPN connection, or for example, to query data measured by an application that is connected to the Internet via routers. Without a fixed IP address on the part of the router, this is only possible to a limited extent or not at all.

Public access to an end device or server via the Internet

The TDT SmartConnect service is also advantageous for routers that are supported via backup, since they can then always be accessed under the same IP address, regardless of the current active connection. The data traffic can be pre-filtered at the SmartConnect server. This reduces data volume, especially for routers with "mobile connections", and thus prevents the maximum data volume limit from being reached. By default, only the traffic actually required by the customer is passed on. For security reasons, each customer is assigned their own server.

SmartConnect Private

  • Independent of connection path (mobile, DSL, cable, fiber)
  • Direct connection via private IP addresses
  • Secure: Access via the Internet only with your own VPN tunnel
  • Dedicated server instance for each SmartConnect
  • Free support during setup

For special scenarios, a so-called TDT SmartConnect Private is also available. This can be used, for example, to connect two or more mobile devices "directly" to each other via the TDT SmartConnect server as a relay. In this use case the devices are not accessible via the public internet. 

Encrypted access to a VPN network via the Internet