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Cooperation with Bosch

Not always an off-the-peg product fits, sometimes it needs customized solutions to make it perfect. What is true for suits is also true for routers. Together with Bosch Building Technologies, TDT has developed routers for special requirements for Bosch security systems. The devices are used in Bosch fire alarm and security systems. The cooperation between large corporations and medium-sized companies was uncomplicated and smooth. "Together we identify new products and can adapt them to our needs," summarizes Bosch Product Manager Gunnar Boeck.

Flexible routers that are almost indestructible

In search of a router suitable for the remote service of security systems, Bosch approached TDT. Before the cooperation started, Bosch engineers thoroughly tested the TDT routers in the test laboratory. The result: the routers are both extremely robust and technologically open. Good prerequisites for exclusive Bosch further development of the routers from the VR2020 generation. For the Bosch security network BoSiNet, the company relies on future-proof IP technology, static IP addresses, closed user groups, IPSec and Open VPN, intelligent firewall and connection manager.

Clever remote service with highest security standards

The routers are used by customers who have installed burglary, fire or fault alarm systems. The Bosch EffiLink product is a cloud-based platform that offers comprehensive remote services and monitoring. The aim is to achieve the greatest possible reliability and availability: the system signals at regular intervals whether it is working properly and is accessible. If this is not the case, a fault message is triggered and assigned to the responsible technician. In order for the Bosch specialists to be able to access the data and functions of the system, they need an order. Without this authorization, access to the systems is technically impossible. Thanks to precise remote diagnosis, the technician can prepare himself optimally for the assignment on site. The benefits are obvious: reduced downtimes and thus increased system availability. Bosch pays particular attention to data protection: "Another plus point that speaks in TDT's favor is the IT-Grundschutz certificate of the German Federal Office for Information Security, which confirms compliance with the highest quality and security standards. Data security is extremely important for Bosch," says Gunnar Boeck.

Short ways, open ears and a direct line to the development department

In addition to a convincing product, the chemistry should also be right for such a partnership. Bosch product manager Gunnar Boeck summarizes it like this: "TDT as a company is very flexible and solution-oriented. We had good contact and a direct line to the development department right from the start. This simplifies cooperation and ensures good solutions". There were also quick solutions when it came to replacing the ISDN connections, so that the changeover to All-IP worked very well.

Gunnar Boeck Product Manager at Bosch Security Systems GmbH

Hello Mr. Haunreiter, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your tireless, very competent and ultimately successful support in solving our problem: IPSec VPN TDT M3000" using RSA certificates in main mode using the pre-installed PKI. Unfortunately, it is no longer a matter of course that a manufacturer would go to such lengths to solve a problem - even if it is a homemade one.

Ronald Rasch Lotto-Toto GmbH, Sachsen-Anhalt

... first of all I would like to thank you again for your fast processing. The configuration is running smoothly. We were able to change the device, restart it and use it immediately. Perfect. It couldn't have worked better. We are very excited about our internet access with the TDT and LTE!

Bastian Wilmer (Managing Partner) Jürgen Medam GmbH

... in the meantime we have numerous C1500 and C1550 in use and are very satisfied. The connections are more stable and the speeds are much better... We have now installed the configuration, which was adapted with your help, on all routers and it works perfectly. The only disadvantage, don't think for your side, I have to order some more because I want to exchange our old DSL routers now. Thanks for the good cooperation.

Dennis Becker (IT Technical Manager) FRS Iberia S.L.

... finally tonight we got the chance to do the speedtest according to your instructions below to compare the TDT C1550 with a smartphone cell phone. We were on the sea and did the test outside, where your TDT router was directly connected to a laptop with a cable and the included cross antenna (dual beam) was used. Two smartphones, type Motorola Defy Plus and Samsung Galaxy Duos S7562. TDT Router and Smartphone all on Türkcell Provider network with Türkcell SIM card test at the same time and in the same place out on deck. Starting with the 10 MB package the TDT was so fast (within half a second) that both smartphones didn't even start, we didn't finish the test because TDT had already won by a huge margin. Then we downloaded the 1GB package with the TDT Moden only, it took us only 11.5 minutes, which is a proud best performance and especially for us at sea unknown until now. So our hearty congratulations to TDT, your C1550 router is really very fast.


Thanks again for your great router C1500lw, which has been in use here for quite some time now and works fantastic. Our LTE problem was completely solved thanks to your excellent product - big compliments to your developers. No other router could even begin to cope with the local complicated reception situation, but the C1500lw masters it easily.

Michael Böhm (General Director) Cephei AG (software for CRM, DMS, configurators and web applications)

We have also tried another very large manufacturer. Only the specialists from TDT managed to implement all requirements. TDT has it all.

Mathias Grabow Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency

We have been relying on TDT network technology for over 2 decades. We are highly satisfied with the all-round carefree package as a premium service customer. We trust in TDT and maintain a friendly relationship.

Bernard Albers (Managing Director) Albers Wettannahmen GmbH

Not the cheapest, but for our application the best devices on the market. And the hotline is first class.

Martin Blum Hectronic GmbH (manufacturer of tank and parking systems)

"We were looking for a way to provide mobile internet for our employees and technology for our tour through Germany. This should also be robust, as we are always setting it up and taking it down. Through our partner Eventim we came across TDT and are thrilled. Great hardware and great support".

Erik Purkert Systemadministrator Apassionata World GmbH

At this point, a big thank you for the always professional and timely implementation of our project. Besides the technical quality of the components, I particularly liked the uncomplicated approach of TDT AG - this is very important for the specialized trade, because who has time to agonize over queues and crowds of departments before a nice female voice whispers in your ear that you can't just call, because there is a great ticket system for that. The installation was a precision landing, all tests were successful and the system goes live.

Sympacard Medien

Thank you very much for quick help! Changing the system startup has brought the desired success!
I have rarely experienced such a great support from a manufacturer! Respect!
This is the first time I have used TDT hardware and I will continue to use it. The support has definitely convinced me! I have rarely experienced such a fast response time! Thank you again at this point!

Roland Hanz, Suderland-IT

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