Our Company and our Ethics

The vast majority of commercial enterprises are geared towards permanently maximising their profits - and all endeavours, processes, activities and personnel policies are subordinate to this goal. For us, the situation is different: our primary goal is safety. By this we mean safety for our customers, for our suppliers, for our other business partners - but we also mean safety for our employees and for our shareholders. In order to achieve this, of course we need a solid economic situation. Reliability and dependability are further pillars of our corporate ethics. In line with the highest security requirements that we fullfil, we also take the utmost care when it comes to data protection. In 2017, we were the first router manufacturer in the world to be fully certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security in accordance with ISO 27001 IT baseline protection.

Tradition of German commercial honour and legal certainty

As an owner-managed company in its second generation, we live the tradition of merchant honour, where the word must still be law. This is not a contradiction, but the right complement to our highly innovative business field of telecommunications and "Security by Design", in which we have been operating for over four decades. For us, "Made in Germany" is not a buzzword, but a lived practice: Our suppliers, most of whom we have been working with for decades, are not characterised by the cheapest price, but by quality, flexibility and honourable commercial behaviour as well as geographical relations. Of course we comply with the applicable laws and we make sure that our suppliers, almost all of whom come from the region, do the same. This excludes forced and child labour in any form, as well as other forms of exploitation and the disregard or discrimination of age, gender, origin, health, safety or employee rights.

Social responsibility and respect

Instead of the "hire and fire" approach, which is unfortunately also becoming increasingly popular in Germany, our philosophy is that newly hired employees should be happy to stay with us, develop their talents and wishes and become part of the company - and enjoy doing so for the rest of their careers. This TDT family of employees and suppliers provides the basis for highly innovative, maximally secure and reliable solutions and products, which we adapt to individual customer requirements and challenges at all times. TDT AG attaches great importance to an open working atmosphere. Regardless of hierarchy, there are always "open doors" for everyone, so that employees can voice critical comments. All employees in the company respect the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of colleagues, suppliers, customers and other people with whom they are in contact. When dealing with governments and authorities, employees always act transparently and in accordance with applicable law. In accordance with school curricula and study programmes, we offer pupils and students the opportunity to complete an internship at TDT AG. We have been co-operating with numerous school institutions in the region for decades; we also actively support club and youth work. Instead of sending out extensive Christmas greetings by post, we use this budget for social projects in our local area.

Occupational health and safety measures

TDT AG complies with all laws and regulations on health and safety in the workplace. We ensure a healthy and hazard-free working environment for all employees. They receive regular medical care from a company doctor. Every employee can contact the company's safety officer via a confidential ticket system to report any problems that may arise. In order to adequately deal with any hazardous and emergency situations that may arise, regular emergency drills on protective measures are carried out in theory and practice. Our technical safety equipment exceeds the legal requirements; the number of first aiders working in the company far exceeds the required number and qualifications. Non-alcoholic drinks and fresh fruit are made available to employees free of charge. We fullfil hygiene requirements to the highest degree in order to protect our employees and visitors in the best possible way. Our company has been offering "home office" as part of flexible working models for a long time; TDT AG can also draw on this expertise in exceptional situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
Due to our field of activity alone, TDT AG is committed to the highest safety standards. These are also reviewed through regular internal audits and external re-certifications.

Active environmental protection, waste avoidance and sustainability

To protect native biodiversity, we have decided not to develop parts of the company premises into car parks, but to preserve them as wildflower meadows. We deliberately planted these areas with various native tree species, equipped with nesting and breeding boxes to provide a home for native bird species. House sparrows, starlings, blackbirds and finches feel at home here. We are also particularly proud of the fact that a kestrel has taken up residence under a roof projection. This species protection for building breeders was the result of a professional exchange with Mrs Susanne Rieck from the Landshut district group of the Landesbund für Vogelschutz e. V. (LBV) - whom we would like to take this opportunity to thank for her expertise and support.

The responsible utilisation and use of natural resources is of great importance to TDT AG. We use electricity, water, space and materials sensibly. Due to our production structure, no hazardous waste is produced in our company. When selecting our suppliers, it is important to us that sustainability is also practised there. As 90% of them are located in the region, delivery distances are short - and our products therefore have a very good energy balance. This also ensures that the high environmental standards of the Federal Republic of Germany are adhered to.

TDT AG already takes care to avoid packaging when receiving goods; we use our own returnable packaging, which is used repeatedly in exchange with suppliers for the purchase of housings and printed circuit boards in order to minimise waste. Where possible, we try to use bulk goods. For outgoing goods, TDT AG uses cardboard as far as possible in order to avoid plastic waste. Even at the design stage of TDT devices, care is taken to ensure that they are produced in the most energy-efficient way possible and that as little material waste as possible is generated. During development and production, we use high-quality materials, e.g. for the metal housings, which are durable and long-lasting - and can be easily returned to the recycling stream once they have reached the end of their service life. Recycling also plays a special role for us: when modernising customer networks, we take back the TDT equipment and return it to the material cycle to prevent it from ending up as electronic waste. We recycle our products by type. This approach, which is consistently implemented, does not focus on the economic aspect - nor should it - but on the active protection of our environment and the sustainability of our products: in the interests of our business partners, our future generations and therefore all of us.